“One should love you the way you are, Not the way they wants you to be…
If someone tries to change you then it’s not love but a trade…
And darling, one doesn’t trade in love right.”

by – Mohabbatein (movie)



One kills because another is killed! Then gets killed because he kills! How the hell is that going to bring us peace?

by – Cagalli Yula Athaa

A New Journey in a New State

Good morning my dear journal. I’ve decided to create a journal about my life since I just started a new chapter a few months ago.

Before I start to write anything else, here is some tiny things about me. I was born and raised in a very small state called Kuala Lumpur which would be in a country called Malaysia. I’ve lived my whole 27 years life there from toddlers till I finish graduating from one of the most prestigious university in Malaysia, University of Malaya.

I lead a simple life, with a simple wish and simple (not really) needs. After graduated at the end of 2014, I was stranded doing nothing for almost a year before I got into an on-job-training programme by Malaysian government called Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SL1M). I learned a lot from there (shout out to all HR staff at LTH) and most of what I learned help build me to be the me that I am today.

A few months after I stopped with SL1M I received an offer from a hospital to be one of their officers but there’s a catch; I have to live my lovely state Kuala Lumpur and moved to a place where I’ve never been before which is Kuantan, Pahang. I’m not sure what helps me decide to actually accept the offer, but I did. And here I am 5 months after the move still grasping and pulling and tugging and doing whatever I can to survive here.

Maybe to a person who can drive, doesn’t have a certain needs with a certain condition won’t find my situation that stressful or even a challenge. But for someone who can’t drive (because of some trauma), need a certain care for my living condition (skin problem *sigh*) and also have their family who lives in KL that depends on you for support would find that living in Kuantan sucks!

I tried my best to love this city, really I do but it just won’t work with me. There’s always this inconvenient feeling that rise up in me. Though I’m so glad that Uber have reach here and Grab is coming soon but still, it does not make it any easier for me to accept and love this place. I kept yearning and wanted to go back to KL and actually live there. There’s so many things I want to moan out and whine about my living situation here but it does not help me at all.

I really hope that this ranting on my journal would help me a little bit so that I  won’t feel too stressed out and miss my home too much. So that’s all for today entry, hope tomorrow would be a better day. Lots of love for you and yourself. See ya, Kyuu’s out!